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ForeSight2015 serves the eyecare professionals in terms of employment needs and buying and selling eyecare practices. The project was born of a prototype developed for the IT industry in 2003 by much the same team that worked on ForeSight2015. Entrepreneur Chuck Brownlow and the JobSightUSA principals have teamed with eye care consultant Dr. Charles Brownlow to create a process fundamentally oriented to skills matching. Rising above archaic traditional paradigms, such as resume’ writing and reading, traditional screening processes, sterile interviews, and misaligned placements, they have designed a three-dimensional process for everyone involved in the eye care professions.
To see how part of the system works Click Here
For more information contact Dr. Brownlow.


JobSightWisconsin is a cooperative for information technology professionals. As a cooperative, the members are also owners. Cooperative members help each other find employment and are significantly rewarded for those results. The cooperative is actively looking for members.


The Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County serves a variety of employment and training needs. The Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County, A Workforce Development Board, is a public/private partnership between government and business that plans, administers and coordinates employment and training programs for adults and youth in Milwaukee County. As a Workforce Development Board (WDB), the Private Industry Council creates a focused employment and training system that involves all prospective program operators, job seekers and employees. For more information contact Delores Graves.


eInnovate is an association serving Information Technology professionals in Wisconsin. eInnovate is Wisconsin's premier association for high-tech professionals. With a membership that includes technology entrepreneurs to senior corporate executives, our organization offers everyone exciting business and learning opportunities.
Our group was formed to encourage the education of mentoring of e-business in Wisconsin. We'll achieve these goals by providing our members occassions to network with technical professionals who have similar interests. Here's your chance to share ideas, show off your talents, and maybe even make that big deal! For more information contact Barbara Elliott-Eaves, Executive Director.

Work Force Development

Portage County Job Center is a part of Work Force Development. Our three-year mission is to create a focused, synergistic blend of business, education and the public, committed to maximizing the workforce potential. Currently piloting an innovative approach to simplifying job applications and candidate screening. The "One Stop" concept - employers and Job seekers connect easily with each other. The Portage County Job Center is a collaborative effort of eight local and state agencies providing employment, educational and training services for job seekers and employers in Portage County. For more information contact Dorothy Miller.

Small Groups

Many organizations have groups of people that meet and work together on an ad hoc or informal basis. Small Groups is designed to simplify the process of finding the right group and/or creating a new group to meet needs of organization members.

Volunteer Groups

Many groups provide services primarily using volunteers. JobSight/Volunteers simplifies the process for both the volunteer coordinator and the volunteers themselves. The ability to find people who are available and have specific skills is simple, current, and accurate


GradYou is a developing business using JobSight to enable graduate level students locate the specific graduate school that meets the student's needs, desires, and preferences. Contact Carrianne Haslett or Rebecca Lorentz for information.


MediaJobSight is a developing business using JobSight to enable professionals in the media and graphic arts profession to find employment and contractors. For more information contact John Grozik.


OfMyDreams is a developing business using JobSight to enable Black professionals connect and enable business development and assistance. The vision of OfMyDreams is "Networking for Social Equity". The mission of OfMyDreams is to research, develop, market, maintain and continually improve our world class online website which is devoted to matching Black professionals and semi-professionals in the areas of dating and companionship. For more information, contact Dr. Odom.

IBM Illinois Vendor Management

Vendor Management is a means of locating contractors from a variety of staffing firms to meet short term needs.

Lake Country Schools

Lake County Schools used JobSightUSA to conduct their search for a new school superintendent. Superintendent candidates were given access to JobSight to identify their qualifications from more than 600 possibilities, of which 28 factors were used in the final candidate selection.Lake Country Recommendation For more information contact Lyle Heller.

People to Projects

Organizations frequently have developers and project professionals that move from project to project. People to Projects provides a way for project management to effectively plan and schedule the project professionals based on skills, interests, preferences, and availability.

Wisconsin Technology Council

This system provides an innovative approach to bringing executives and professionals to Wisconsin.


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