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  Ranked Lists of Candidates
Benefit: Reduces recruitment and employment costs.
JobSightUSA ranks potential candidates by matching skill fit to requirements and costs.

  Defined Skills
Benefit: Skill misalignment and interpretation are eliminated.
JobSightUSA uses identical pre-established skill sets for both jobseeker and employer.

  Improved Proficiency
Benefit: Improved match of candidate to level of job requirements.
JobSightUSA uses pre-established proficiency identifiers.

  Validated Personal Skills
Benefit: Credibility of application.
 JobSightUSA provides a process for validation of personal skills.

  Increased Productivity

Benefit: Increases efficiency, effectiveness and reduces training time.
JobSightUSA increases productivity by matching employers need to candidate skills.

  Real-time Jobseeker Availability
Benefit: Matches and analyzes only qualified and available candidates.
JobSightUSA permits jobseekers to maintain an up-to-date application using the Internet.

  Post Assessment
Benefit: Objective assessment of performance permits improved coaching results.
JobSightUSA provides a pre-established performance assessment based on matched skills.

  Automatic Opportunity Notification
Benefit: Provides real-time matching and reduces lag time.
JobSightUSA emails jobseekers and employers of opportunity matches.

Benefit: Candidates are chosen without regard to personal data.
 JobSightUSA provides potential candidates in order of fit to requirements and costs.

  Electronic Time Reporting
Benefit: Time and cost saving.
JobSightUSA provides a time reporting feature for billing purposes and relies extensively on paperwork reduction.


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