Project Examples

Point Factor - Job Ranking


The company evaluated all jobs 20 years ago using a point-factor approach.


Point-Factor Systems (also referred to as "Hay" have been in use for many years and widely used around the world.

Grading all positions for a company is a time consuming effort and as a result performed only infrequently.

There are several potential problems that occur:

  • Job content has changed due to new types of automation

  • Jobs no longer exist for the same reason.

As an example; an office job using a manual typewriter did have a certain amount of unfavorable working conditions many years ago.  Now the same position may not perform any typing and if so, the typing is much less stressful.  So the following was one aspect noted in this project.

Presently the minimum value of working in a safe office environment is such that it becomes 20% of the total points for the lowest level positions.  The ratio of working in safe position to one that high risk of accident and health risk is 2.0.  In general, the matter of working conditions should be a premium for unusual situations rather than a constant for all.

Raw data was obtained by online questionnaire.

Instructions were provided to participants.

Instructions were provided to participants.


The following depicts the completed score for a single position.

Visual representations helped to verify data validity.



Another type of visual data validation.


And another data validation.




A revised underlying point factor system and re-graded positions.