Project Examples

Milton School District


School District was facing a potential of significant staffing reduction in District Office.


The following illustrates the overall approach.

The initial project steps were conducted.

Project participants were briefed on the goals and process.  Participants were invited to offer suggestions.

Participants identified the frequency and time required for tasks using online system

Results were validated and corrected as needed

Staff hours available were reconciled to staff hours needed

The following illustrates the approach to develop and validate workload.


Sample forms

A list of tasks was collectively developed

A list of tasks was collectively developed

Instructions and examples were provided

Illustrations of situations the project was seeking to avoid

Instructions and examples were provided

Comparisons to peers was performed

Instructions and examples were provided

Participant Instructions

Participants provided data regarding their tasks and workload online.  An instructional PowerPoint was available to answer questions.

Participants were provided a several day period for providing responses.

Comparisons of staff to peer school districts was conducted.

Analysis of the workloads was performed.



A number of reports were prepared to identify tasks that could be discontinued, tasks by person, by frequency and time of year. 

Data sheets for market pricing of incumbent jobs were produced.

Presentation to the District School board was provided.

One of MSD reports