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The City of Fitchburg requested an evaluation of space needs and projected building program analysis Civic Center Campus.  The space is to be developed based on forecast of staff by department and division over the period through 2035.  One aspect of the need is based on the fact that a portion of Town of Madison will be annexed in the near future.

Project to forecast staffing needs of Central Civic Campus through 2035.  Performed an analysis of staffing needs for City of Fitchburg for selected time periods through 2035.  This project considered workloads and types of staffing required.  The results were analyzed and reported to City Administration in a series of reports. This project specifically asked for suggestions of potential operational improvements from approximately 190 City staff in addition to the forecast of future staffing.   


Participant Instructions



Estimates (forecasts) of staffing by different time frames were provided.  The estimates were based on estimates by City staff, peer analysis, and other analytic methods. 

The following is one of the comparisons to peer cities.


A number of demographic factors were analyzed and the city ranked to peers.

One of Fitchburg reports

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